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About CNC Tech


our promise



Our company started as Hwaseong Industry in 1994, and has been leaping forward as a leading company in environmental technology through water quality environment management and solution consulting activities for wastewater treatment in waterside and industrial complex areas. A new factory was built in June 2018 to provide affordable environmental medicines.


one. As a total solution provider for improving water quality, we pursue a low-cost, high-efficiency system based on our experienced experience and solutions.

We will do our best for stable and efficient wastewater treatment based on our experienced technology and experimental spirit throughout the wastewater treatment process, including environmental medicine business, water quality management agency business, and water pollution prevention facility business.

two. All services we provide are based on trust and integrity.

CNC Tech, which is doing its best to become a technology-intensive model company that is trusted by customers and repays customers with sincerity and stable data, is the best choice for your company's safe wastewater treatment.

three. We will constantly strive to provide better technology and services.

Based on our experience in experimental analysis, we register as a water quality measurement agency to expand our business and participate in full-scale analysis. We will take a leap forward for a cleaner and cleaner future by conducting organic business throughout the water quality environment.


All employees of C&C Tech Co., Ltd.

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