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Urea Water Clean 2000

​Industrial Clean2000

  • Resolves inconveniences such as odors generated when using ammonia, mainly in waste incinerators

​Clean 2000 for vehicle

  • Korea Petroleum Management Institute quality pass

  • Manufactured and produced according to the international standard ISO22241

  • Manufacture of high-purity genuine urea water by making it with urea for vehicles

  • ​Used for trucks, passenger cars, and heavy equipment

Clean 2000 Strengths

Using ultrapure water over 15MΩ 

​The best vehicle urea production

0.5㎛, 0.2㎛ microfiltering after stirring and shipping

Zero impurities with the system (1㎛=1/1,000,000m)


​Quality Control for Best Clean 2000 Performance

Large storage capacity, customer request quantity delivery

​Bulk delivery available

Passed the catalyst test by the Korea Petroleum Management Institute,

We produce high-quality urea water with genuine quantitative and qualitative quality. We promise to become an environment-specialized company that provides the best products to our customers with competitive products.



product for sale


10L container
20L container

1㎥ IBC tank

Tank lorry



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