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Founded in 1994, CNC Tech promises to become an environment-specialized company that provides the best products to customers with competitive products.


2021. 10.  Completed extension work of office building (main building) in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

2021. 8.  Permission to manufacture and sell Clean 2000 (vehicle urea)

2019. 5.  Started manufacturing and sales of industrial urea water in the company factory

2018. 6.  Completion of company factory in Bio Valley Industrial Complex in Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

2014. 9.  Expansion and relocation of office building (Anyang Mega Valley->Pyeongchon Smart Bay)

2011. 11.  Caustic soda dilution manufacturing, operation of Sihwa plant

2010. 12.  Awarded the Minister of Environment Award

2009. 3.  Confirmation of management innovation-type small and medium-sized enterprises – Director of Gyeonggi Provincial Small and Medium Business Administration

2003. 8.  Registered as a water quality measurement agency by Gyeongin Regional Environment Agency

2003. 1.  Development and production of highly active microorganisms (TRI-ACT)

2001. One.  Establishment of corporate R&D department of Korea Industrial Technology Association

2000. 3.  Registered as a water quality prevention facility business by Gyeongin Regional Environment Agency

2000. One.  Designated as a water quality environment management agency by Gyeongin Regional Environment Agency

2000. 1.  C&C Tech Co., Ltd. Established

1999. 6.  Received a plaque of appreciation from the National Association of Environmental Managers

1998. 3.  Changed company name to C&C TECH

1994. 5.  Contract with Hyosung Co., Ltd. Microbial agent sales technology supplier

1994. 3.  Established Hwaseong Industry

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