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Introducing CNC Tech's major drugs.


Caustic soda (NaOH)

Sodium hydroxide is highly corrosive, so it is called caustic soda. 
Because it absorbs moisture from the air and dissolves itself, if left in the air, it absorbs moisture and carbon dioxide and becomes sodium carbonate. It is readily soluble in water, and a large amount of heat is generated at that time. It has the effect of neutralizing acidic wastewater.

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We manufacture automotive and industrial products, For automobiles, it is supplied to the market as a product of Clean 2000.


It is a drug that helps to solve difficult-to-decompose COD, and is composed of highly activated wastewater-degrading microorganisms and natural substances that induce adsorption and aggregation. It increases the activity of microorganisms and, at the same time, dramatically improves the compaction of agglomeration, and helps to fundamentally solve the problems of biological water treatment.

mechanismIt operates in three major steps and consists of the process of adsorption-decomposition-aggregation.

  • absorption: Natural porous material adsorbs various difficult-to-decompose COD and color-inducing components in wastewater and provides habitat for decomposing microorganisms

  • decomposition: Effectively decomposes and removes difficult-to-decompose COD with selected soil-derived microorganisms and various active ingredients

  • agglomeration: Natural agglomeration promoting substances and floc-forming microorganisms minimize micro-flocs and increase the density of flocs, so it improves sedimentation, lowers turbidity, and reduces sludge.



  • Contains high concentration, highly active microorganisms: Non-degradable COD removal microorganisms developed with advanced biotechnology -> Contains at least 1 billion/g live cells

  • Optimal blend of bioactive substances: Optimal mix of minerals, vitamins, and other soil active substances -> Provides optimal growth environment for microorganisms that decompose difficult-to-decompose COD

  • Contains natural adsorption and coagulant active substances: The chemicals administered to the biological treatment tank are not only fulfilling the basic task of removing COD, but also have strict conditions such as high affinity with microorganisms, no secondary contamination, and maintaining an appropriate specific gravity. The substances contained in our Triact meet these conditions.

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